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evaluation of studies

  • Completed phases of studies are recorded using a credit system.
  • Each student has a study sponsor who is a member of the Academy committee, and who is available to him or her as needed over the entire length of the studies.
  • We have chosen not to use exams in the evaluation of the studies.
  • The studies are evaluated based on the student’s written work (essays or studies) or projects, the study of at least part of the recommended literature and written answers to questions based on the covered material.
  • It is mostly about the student’s active and creative approach to a given topic and not about proving the amount of knowledge.
  • The works and projects in a module are verbally evaluated by the study sponsor; the sponsor awards a certain number of credits based on his evaluation.
  • Students’ final works and projects are evaluated by the respective sponsor and one opponent who is another member of the committee. Afterwards the student presents his work (or project) to the Unitarian Academy committee.

The student will graduate when he achieves the set number of credits and presents his final work or project.

Credits in required modules:                        maximum 24 credits per module
Educational retreats:                                       total of 12 credits (must obtain at least 6)
Subsequent study duties:                               total of 12 credits (must obtain at least 4)
- performing tasks assigned by the teacher: 3 credits (must obtain at least 1)
- studying of literature                                    3 credits (must obtain at least 1)
- module project/work:                                  6 credits (must obtain at least 2)
Credits in optional modules:
Practical spiritual exercises (6 types):*   can obtain 4 credits per module
                                                                                  (6 x 4 for the Unitarian Academy)
Visit abroad:                                                        can obtain 24 credits
* (the internship will take place in six different external organizations)
1) For successful completion of a module, it is necessary to obtain:
in the study program for lay people: at least 10 credits
in the study program for ordained minister candidates: at least 18 credits
2) For overall completion of the Unitarian Academy, it is necessary to:
Successfully complete all required modules and obtain from required and optional modules altogether:
in the study program for lay people: at least 100 credits
in the study program for ordained minister candidates: at least 120 credits